Blockchain Butts!  An NFT Project.

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Fresh butts daily!

Animated Butt Head
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Theme Song:



Sing along with your favorite song!

One-man project!

Cheeky butt-shaped NFTs!
Fresh Butts will be released daily!
The release of butts will continue
until we reach our goal of 999 Butts.

Each butt is expertly assembled by hand.
No automated randomisation!

Artist personal twitter: @ArtMacro

Music also composed by me.

Special thanks to stock photographers that
were essential in the creation of the backgrounds
for the Karaoke video.


Rarity Info

In total there are 999 Butts in Season 1

1 in every 10 butts is a rare, "Shiny Butt"!

Shiny Butts have animated backgrounds
Shiny Butts are 1 of 1.

Regular Butts will have a slightly larger supply,
ranging from 1/3 to 1/10.
Regular butts have static backgrounds.

Any Butt can be rendered playing
up to 7 animations.

The same butt design playing a different
animation will count as a seperate NFT
as far as rarity  goes.

Which animations I choose to render for
each butt is picked based on personal
preference for that design.


I'm poor af please buy my NFTs and help me out if you can!
Butt artwork and song are registered copyright of @ArtMacro